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With today’s technological advances, achieving the smile you’ve always wanted has never been more attainable. With all the options that are now available to help restore your teeth, you can take care of any dental issue and still be able to improve your smile’s aesthetic. At Cosmetic Smiles in Houston we can guide you through the process of creating a healthier and more attractive smile.

If you are missing several teeth and dentures is something you may have considered, there may be another possibility to think about. A secure, durable and long-lasting solution is All-On-Four, a form of dentures designed to permanently adhere to your gum line. Best of all, they’re placed in just one day!


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How Are All-On-Four Dentures Different?

All-On-Four dentures replace an entire dental arch. They are held to your jaw with four dental implants which provide the durability of dentures with the added security of dental implants. Capable of being placed on the upper or lower jaw, All-On-Four can replace your entire smile.

Rather than wear traditional dentures that may slide around in the mouth, using dental implants can help secure them into place. All-On-Four dentures are also remarkable because of their same-day status. You can receive a full mouth smile in just one appointment - a feature unmatched by many other implant technologies.

How Does the Treatment Process Work?

The first step to receiving All-On-Four dentures is determining your candidacy for the procedure. We will schedule you for an initial consultation to review your medical history, examine your dentition in its current state and discuss your treatment goals.

At Cosmetic Smiles, we will work with you to determine your oral health status and provide you with all your options. Even if you already wear dentures, we may be able to convert your current restorations into an All-On-Four smile.

The Benefit of All-On-Four Dentures

When you lose one or more teeth, it can weaken the health of your jaw bone. Your natural teeth maintain the density of the jaw, with the roots stimulating the bone to provide density and support. For those missing multiple teeth, especially if they have been missing for a long period of time, your jaw bone may have shrunk. By using dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you are effectively building up the strength of your jaw and preserving the longevity of your smile.










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