Dental Exams & Cleanings

Routine Dental Exams & Cleanings in Houston

Visiting your dentist every six months to have your teeth cleaned is important to keep your oral health at an optimal level. Although it may seem like a hassle to visit the dentist that frequently, it’s important to undergo a check-up to ensure the health of your smile.

Along with the many other procedures available at Cosmetic Smiles, we also perform routine care like cleanings and examinations. We enjoy seeing our patients on a regular basis and appreciate the opportunity to work with you to maintain your oral health.

What Happens During Your Appointment?

The development of your treatment will depend on whether you are a new or existing patient. For existing patients, we will already have your medical and dental records on file. Additional x-rays may be taken if they need to be updated. Otherwise, we will move forward with a cleaning.

For new patients, we will start by having you fill out necessary health forms followed by comprehensive x-rays. We will keep these x-rays to establish your dental records with us as well as evaluate them for any underlying issues.

Once x-rays are taken, a hygienist will clean your teeth. Cleanings typically take 30 minutes and focus on removing the plaque and tartar that do not get removed during your normal brushing and flossing routine.

After your cleaning, Dr. Perezous will perform your examination. Your exam is the perfect time to discuss any concerns you have about your oral health. Dr. Perezous will check for serious conditions that need to be treated promptly. We will help you create a treatment plan that addresses both aesthetic and functional dental issues.

Treatment Options After Your Cleaning and Exam

If you’re interested in additional procedures beyond a general cleaning and examination, Dr. Perezous can review those with you. We have many different restorative and cosmetic treatment options available to help you create a smile you can wear with confidence. A healthy smile is an important factor of your overall health and contributes to a positive quality of life.

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Our tools and training provide us the means to give you’re a clean, confident smile you can be proud of. You can learn more about our treatment options or schedule an appointment for your cleaning and examination by calling Cosmetic Smiles today!

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