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Porcelain Veneers at Our West Houston Dental Practice 

There are several reasons why you may want to improve your teeth and revitalize your smile. Wear and tear, genetics, or trauma can damage the structure of your dentition, leading to chipped, cracked or discolored teeth.

A misaligned or otherwise unattractive smile can make you feel less confident and cause you to hide your smile. If you’re looking for a way to improve the length, structure and color of your teeth, you may consider veneers as a treatment option. At Cosmetic Smiles we can help enhance your overall oral health and create a smile you can be proud of.

What are Veneers?

Veneers consist of thin shells of porcelain that are placed on top of the tooth enamel. For those who have chipped, stained or gaped teeth, veneers are an ideal option. Traditional veneers are permanent restorations that are designed to last. Other benefits include durability, an improved smile appearance, and the need for little-to-no removal of tooth structure compared to other restorations.

The Veneers Treatment Process

If you are a good candidate to receive veneers, we will begin the treatment process by preparing your natural tooth enamel. By re-contouring the tooth enamel, it provides a foundation for the porcelain shell.

The veneer process usually takes two appointments. During the first visit, we will prepare your teeth, take impressions and send them to our trusted dental lab to fabricate your veneers. We will also select the shade that will best match your needs. While you wait for your permanent restorations, you will be given temporaries to wear.

Once your veneers arrive, which normally takes a few weeks, we will place them to ensure a proper fit. Adjustments will be made to ensure your veneers fit comfortably, and once you are satisfied with their fit, they will be cemented into place.

Are Veneers Right for You?

Any cosmetic procedure starts with an appointment to ensure you are a good candidate to receive a particular dental treatment. During an examination and after taking x-rays, our team at Cosmetic Smiles will identify any underlying concerns that may keep you from receiving veneers.

Typically, if you are self-conscious about your smile due to chips, cracks, stains or gaps, veneers may be a good treatment option for you; however, if you exhibit significant malocclusion, you may require more treatment before receiving veneers. We can help determine the correct course of action for you

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