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Prosthodontists are experts in the art of occlusion. They work with both the esthetic and the function of a smile. They carefully design reconstructive procedures to restore function and allow the patient to enjoy life with the ability to eat and smile daily. At Cosmetic Smiles, we offer our patients in Houston a prosthodontist to help them achieve their optimal oral health.

Dr. Perezous has been practicing dentistry for over twenty years and is currently an Adjunct Professor at UT School of Dentistry. She shares her knowledge and artistic view with other professionals and students. Dr.Perezous always evaluates the mouth as a whole where esthetics are important but function and stability of the occlusion oversees everything. Her colleagues and students respected her and as a Prosthodontist in Houston, she is second to none.

Procedures offered at Cosmetic Smiles:

Prosthodontists work on a wide range of different cases, from the simple cases to the more complex ones. Cosmetic Smiles offers teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, white fillings, porcelain fillings, gum treatment, dental cleaning, digital x-rays, night guards, implant restorations, All-on-4, etc.
The patient’s comfort is a priority at Cosmetic Smiles. We offer white towel service, lip moisturizers, nitrous oxide to help you relax and much more to make you feel at home.

Let us create your smile. Make an appointment to visit with Houston prosthodontist Dr. Perezous by calling 713-781-4100 or schedule your appointment online.