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All-on-4 Houston - Implant Supported Dentures - Hybrid Bridges - Cosmetic Smiles

All-on-4 is a revolutionary concept that uses four (or more) implants to replace a patient’s teeth. Dr. Leticia Perezous is located in Houston and can offer you the highest quality of care to optimize the results. Dr. Perezous is a Prosthodontist which qualifies her as a highly trained restorative dentist that perfected the art of the All-on-4 and Hybrid Denture procedures.


Are you a good candidate for All-on-4:

All-on-4 procedure is specialty made for patients that have lost all of their teeth or are losing their teeth due to different circumstances like gum disease, health problems, etc. The doctor will evaluate the quality and the quantity of bone available to determine if the All-on-4 restorations are a good choice for you.

The benefits of getting All-on-4 in Houston:

All-on-4 has a clear advantage over removable dentures, and is considered a superior treatment. Since this appliance is non-removable, it offers a highly natural-looking smile and a greater degree of comfort than regular dentures.

Patients typically experience very little down time after the treatment and while it is recommended to eat a soft food diet, patients can quickly reintroduce their normal diet and enjoy eating without dentures that move with every jaw movement.

Consultation appointment for All-on-4:

At your initial visit with Houston All-on-4 supplier Dr.Perezous, x-rays, photographs and models of your teeth will be made. All aspects of the procedure will be discussed. A consultation appointment with the surgeon will be arranged.

On the day of surgery, the remaining teeth are removed,  the implants are placed and the dentures. These procedures are performed under IV sedation for your comfort.

The follow up appointments will be scheduled at different intervals depending on the case. When you revisit with Dr.Perezous, you will be able to enjoy the comfort of our state-of- the art office including tvs, headphones to listen to your favorite music, Casey educational videos , our white towel service and the use of the lip moisturizers. After your procedure, we will prepare a personalized homecare bag with products just for you.

Contact Cosmetic Smiles:

Our office is conveniently located close to Galleria/Memorial area. If you have any questions regarding All-on-4 in Houston, please call us at 713-781-4100 to schedule an appointment.